KS2-3 Transition unit and KS2 recap tasks

The Stoke-on-Trent maths excellence partnership have prepared a year 6 transition/Progression unit as part of their Opportunity Area project.

This was intended to be used post SATs across the city so that students in year 6 would have the opportunity to follow a common programme in maths which could then be followed up in the first half of the Autumn term in year 7.  The plan was to offer this unit in the second half of the summer term with year 6 but that was before lockdown and obviously the plans have had to change.  With the recent announcement that year 6 may have some form of face to face teaching from June 1st, these materials may still be useful for primaries to use in some way even with part time contact. Both primary and secondary maths leads have been contacted.

The link to all the materials is https://drive.google.com/open?id=1cNk4Iztoo0PV5Rpi47WJDaNvCRYfdCZZ

The folder contains; the Measures unit which has four strands, time, length, capacity/mass and some consolidation and an assessment, 5-a-day starters for Year 7 in the Autumn Term, and a comprehensive set of KS2 recap tasks suitable for year 6 (and year 7) to do at home (or in school). These are short 5-a-day activities.

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