Parental engagement

Why is this an issue?

Research on the importance of parental engagement is well established, and it is widely acknowledged that the more engaged parents are in the education of their child, the more likely that child is to succeed throughout their school career and beyond. The partnership board has identified parental engagement as a key theme that underpins all 4 priorities. We want to do more to help parents to support their children at all stages of their educational journey.

What will we do?

Practitioners feel we should do more to help parents and carers understand the importance and relevance of early education and how they can support their children’s learning, including greater take up of the funded 2, 3 and 4-year-old offer. In addition to the work detailed under our first priority, we will:

  • work with our EEF Research School and expert practitioners on how best to involve parents in their children’s learning, looking to evidence based practices in the EEF early years toolkit
  • assess the impact of work undertaken by Stoke–on–Trent College to introduce a wider parenting package to those parents learning English as an additional language. This will include sign posting to opportunities such as early years free entitlement. Depending on the impact, we will extend this approach to other providers in the city.

In primary and secondary phases we will:

  • build on work underway through the city’s school readiness programme to develop targeted approaches to improve parental support. As part of this, we will put in place evidence-based packages that will enhance parental engagement in children’s education, learning and careers choices.

To find out more about our targets read our delivery plan here.

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