Priority 2

Primary-Secondary Transition

Eight clusters of schools worked to test and develop evidence-based approaches. For example secondary and primary schools sharing pedagogy and activities in English, maths and science. Learning and practice has now been absorbed within the OA-funded 3 school improvement partnerships over the 2019/20 academic year.  

Pupil Premium Follow-up Reviews

This project is developing a cadre of senior school leaders from within the city and surrounding areas as a resource for the city’s schools in planning and implementing action as a result of Pupil Premium (PP) reviews. It is also identifying schools in the city that are behind the curve in terms of attainment of PP students and offer in-depth support to these schools from the cadre of senior leaders.

English Excellence Partnership KS2

The project will improve KS2 reading and writing outcomes – specifically on improving the achievement of pupil premium and male pupils by: providing targeted support to under performing schools through high quality NLE and SLE support; developing curriculum leadership; networking and CPD will enable strategic and targeted deployment of SLE resources to support schools; working closely with KS3 clusters to engage in shared pedagogy, and create a sustainable ‘Excellent English learning community.’ The KS2 project will work closely with the KS4 project.

English Excellence Partnership KS4

The project will focus on 4 priority areas:

  • (1) Key Stage 2-3 Transition.
  • (2) Improving Key Stage 4 outcomes with, amongst other things: a particular focus on high achievers, the achievement of male pupils and the achievement of highly disadvantaged students. It will also develop a City wide cross moderation process similar to that adopted by the Maths Excellence Partnership and the development of an academic mentoring scheme based on the utilisation of post 16 students acting as ‘accelerated learning coaches’ working with targeted key stage 4 pupils.
  • (3) Develop a Curriculum Leadership, networking and CPD network that will include: developing cross-phase leadership and co-ordination of the SLE English primary and secondary networks and systematic and targeted deployment of SLE resources to support colleagues in schools
  • (4) promoting and showcasing literacy developments, The Festival in a Factory Fringe. The KS4 project will work closely with the KS2 project (see below).

Science Excellence Partnership KS4

The project aims to improve achievement outcomes at KS4 in Science for all students through the development of quality teaching and effective leadership in schools, focusing on:

  • improving teaching and learning in Science (for example, collaboration between schools for CPD offered directly through the project and in liaison with the Institute of Physics);
  • improving leadership in science (for example, Heads of Science across the city collaborate, with input from Exam Boards);
  • and, improving student outcomes in science (for example, Science intervention events targeted at high ability pupil premium students and sharing of resources and raising aspiration and careers in science awareness).

Science Excellence Partnership KS2

The focus of this primary science support and development project is to:

  • building capacity in the city to support science beyond this project (for example, development of lead science teachers in the city with a personalised development plan;
  • up skill the workforce currently teaching in primary schools – usually and often with no science qualification beyond GCSE (for example, introducing learning communities, accessing national recognised EEF programmes that have been recruited to run as sessions with practitioners, and facilitating peer-to-peer relationships);
  • develop systems leadership by increasing school connectivity with each other and with the wider STEM community;
  • and, raise attainment in science.

Maths Primary School Improvement Offer

This project complements a Denise Coates Foundation primary maths project (led by the MEP). It will target maths school improvement at the worst performing primary schools in the city as well as offering a universal maths offer for all primaries by:

  • improving pupil outcomes in mathematics in KS2 and leading into KS3,
  • developing a coordinated and collaborative system leadership approach to school improvement with the Maths Hub workgroups tailored to the needs of the city and early career and leadership development opportunities
  • transition from KS2 to KS3 as well as parental engagement and peer mentoring will also be developed and planned with reference to evidence based interventions with the sharing of pedagogy between teachers of KS2 and KS3 and challenge being a key feature. 

The project also includes a match-funded Singapore Maths project.

School Capacity fund

To help 4 primary schools in need of additional support (as identified by the LA and RSC) they now have access to a fund to support school improvement, via targeted NLE activity.

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