Priority 3

Activities and Food Summer 2019

This project is a selection of various holiday provisions helping to address holiday hunger and impact of that on pupil attainment upon return to school after school holiday periods.

Activity has been targeted at specific Wards/schools and community venues with high-levels of deprivation and involves providing enrichment activities and parental/children access to school nurses and family support workers. Note: food is not funded by the OA. This is provided by various local partners – Tesco being the main provider.

This programme piloted in summer 2018 and will run in summer 2020, with the aim to become a sustainable programme beyond the life of the OA.

Youth Ambassadors

This project is supporting the development of leadership skills, social engagement and ‘voice’ amongst the city’s young people through a youth ambassadors programme. As part of this, it will also lead to stronger youth representation in local decision-making on issues that affect them.

Attendance/ behaviour

The project will tackle the underlying causes that contribute to unauthorised absence, by focussing on:

  • creating and maintaining a Behaviour and Attendance Leaders network to establish consistent approaches and share best practice across all schools in the city;
  • establish in house Alternative Provision Hubs in selected secondary schools;
  • establish ‘Nurture Bases’ in selected primary schools;
  • develop a Nurture Training Strategy and training offer;
  • build leadership and management capacity within settings to develop provision for the most vulnerable through enhanced deployment of Educational Psychology and SEND Officer time;
  • develop an Inclusion Charter which all schools sign up to outlining commitment to key principles such as: reducing permanent exclusions, working proactively, identifying and reporting children at risk earlier, holding providers to account and safeguarding responsibilities;
  • linked to the Inclusion Charter there will be a city-wide school attendance communications campaign
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